Act 1

What better place to view Los Angeles than from a parking lot attendant’s p-o-v? My new play, PARKING LOT 63, takes us back to my childhood in L.A. in the early ‘60’s. After all these years, I’m finally figuring out what motivated my father, mother, brother, and me. You would think a psychiatrist, like myself, would have easy access to understanding her own family dynamics, but it doesn’t work that way. All that early stuff is obscured by distorted memories and fantasies. We’ll have a reading of ten minutes of this new play on Sunday, April 27th, at the Shelter Studios

Act 1, Scene 1 & Assorted
Ten Minute Teasers

Characters, Ink. invites you to a free afternoon of readings from our plays in progress.

Featuring the work of:

M. Jane Balanoff
Carol W. Berman
Anna Ewing Bull
Lois Dilivio
Betty Forhman
Suzanne Mernyk
Harriet Rafe
Diane Simpson
Abby Walker

Sunday, April 27th, 3 – 5pm

Shetler Studios
244 West 54th Street (btw. Broadway & 8th Ave), NYC
Studio 1, 12th Floor

Seating is limited! Please send requests to:

Don’t rush off! Please stay to share and schmooze with us over wine, cheese and other snacks.